1. What is the only way possible you would be able to pass the Huntington’s Disease gene onto your children?
2. What is the repeated segment of DNA that causes Huntington’s Disease?
B) CAG trinucleotide
C) Chromosome 4
D) Glutamine
3. TRUE OR FALSE: Involuntary and purposeless movements of the arms, face, and legs in Huntington’s Disease are also known as chorea.
4. As a part of Huntington's Disease, the HTT gene is located on which chromosome?
5. TRUE OR FALSE: The more copied chromosomes one has, the less severe Huntington’s Disease gets.
6. Circle all symptoms that apply as symptoms in Huntington’s Disease.
A) Mood swings
B) Trouble driving
C) Hair loss
D) Chorea
E) Numbness of fingers
7. For Huntington’s Disease it has been found that the transplantation of -containing cells has been attempted in a few places in the world.