This is the Klinefelter's Syndrome Questions page.

1. What symptom of Klinefelter Syndrome enables a man to have children?

a. Depression
b. Weaker Bones
c. Low testosterone levels
d. Dyslexia

2. True or False? Testosterone therapy is more successful during adulthood.

3. Speech, occupational and ___ therapy can establish healthy sex lives, successful careers and social relationships.

4. Name three symptoms that affect the physical part of the XXY males.

5. True or False? A male with this disorder has an extra X chromosome within all of their cells.

6. True or False? Kleinfelter’s Syndrome is when a male inherits ONLY one extra X chromosome.

7. When is Klinefelter’s Syndrome diagnosed?

8. Can women have Klinefelter’s Syndrome?

9. When a person has Klinefelter’s Syndrome, they have an extra:
a. Y chromosome
b. X chromosome
c. Chromosome 21
d. Chromosome 18

10. True or False? Testosterone helps improve the appearance of muscles.