This is the Turner's Syndrome Questions page.

1. What causes Turner Syndrome?
a. x and y chromosomes
b. xyy chromosomes
c. x chromosome

2. Turner Syndrome is a male sex chromosome abnormality. True or False

3. Turners Syndrome is usually commonlly passed down among family members. True or False

4. Affects over 60,000 families in the United States. True or False.

5. Tuners Syndrome was named after:
a. Hailey Tuner, the girl who first had Turner's Syndrome
b. Henry Turner, the doctor who describe the condition in his book
c. Kathleen Turner, the Actress

6. ___Turner Syndrome is when some cells have the regular two X chromosomes, while some cells in the body only have one.

7. Turners Syndrome can always be detected among people on a regular basis. True or False