Werner Syndrome Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Werner Syndrome?

a. Greying of Hair
b. Thin paper-like skin
c. Hair Growth
d. Thin arms and legs

2. Mutations in what gene cause Werner syndrome?
a. WRN
b. WNR
c. NRW
d. WNN

3. Who was Werner Syndrome named after?

4. Werner Syndrome affects one in how many births in the US?

a. 20,000
b. 400,000
c. 100,00
d. 200,000

5. The WRN gene is located on the short arm of Chromosome __ at position 12.

6. People with Werner Syndrome on average live to be

a. Sixty to seventy years
b. Twenty to thirty years
c. Forty to fifty years
d. Eighty to ninety years

7. Werner’s Syndrome is also known as

a. Adult premature aging syndrome
b. Child premature aging syndrome
c. Skin cancer
d. Child Progeria

8. As Werner Syndrome progresses, more characteristics are revealed. Which of the following characteristics is NOT revealed?
a. ‘‘Bird-like’’ face
b. Clear vision
c. Skin ulcers
d. Osteoporosis

9. Both parents must have what in order for their offspring to be affected by Werner’s Syndrome?

a. Diabetes
b. Osteoporosis
c. Heart Problems
d. WRN gene

10. Werner Syndrome is slightly more common in which country, affecting approximately 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 40,000 births?